Worth it or nah: Boscia T-Zone treatment

This will be a quick review about my favorite primer which is the Boscia No More Pores T-Zone Treatment. I was lucky enough to find this at my local TJ Maxx for $9 as oppose to the usual$34.

This has a unique texture compared to most primers I’ve tried as this has an emollient/wet feel to it as oppose to a cream-to-powder or silicone feel I get with most primers. Because of the texture, it will not emphasize dry patches, but will moisturize instead.

It kept me notifiable less oily for about 2-3 hours. And by “noticeable less oily”, I mean there was some slight dewiness to my skin, but nothing that I would consider needing a blot tissue for. I use this daily and for times I really what to look flawless, I’ll use Pores No More pore refiner primer by Dr. Brandt  which is amazing at blurring large pores and preventing shine. A review for this is come soon!

What’s your favorite primer? Feel free to share in the comments


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