Worth it or nah?: Stila Glitter & Glow eyeshadow 

Hello all!

I just give a quick review on this Magnificent Metals Glitter liquid eyeshadow by Stila.

I’ve used this twice (with and without primer). First time using this (without primer), product lasted all of maybe 20 minute 😕, but it’s so pretty!!! Within in 10 mintues, I noticed small patches of the eye shadow were flaking off. Second time, I used with my usual MAC paint pot in Layin’ Low and had a severe allergic reaction. Since then, I decided to return it.

Note: the swatch on my hand (above) lasted about 5 hours with no primer

Before returning it on Thursday, I decided to give it one last try ( I clearly really want this product to work for me). Welp, I tried using it again without primer and slightly sheered out (similar to swatch above on right side) and still had small patches flake off and experienced fall out on my cheek the entirety of wearing it (around 2 hours before fully wearing off). Since it lasted for several a hours on my hand with no flaking, it’s safe to this product doesn’t work well with my oily skin.

Let me know your thoughts on this product!


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