Makeup Geek mini haul with swatches on dark skin 

I’m so excited to so you my new Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I only ordered three since I wanted to get a feel for the products before ordering more.

The 1st color is Cocoa Bear which is a matte reddish brown. I was hoping for this to be a bit more red, but it would still make a nice crease color. The texture is fairly dry (likely since its matte) so I had a hard time swatching on the back of my hand. 

The next eyeshadow is Mai Tai which is a pink with lavender duochrome finish that looks AMAZING! It applied with full pigmentation and looks good on deeper skin tones also.

Lastly, I received another duochrome eyeshadow in I’m Peachless. This color is a medium peach with a orange/pinkish/ kinda gold duochrome. It’s really pretty, but the texture was a bit drier then Mai Tai, so it didn’t apply as evenly. 

Top to bottom : Cocoa Bear, Mai Tai, I’m Peachless


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