Battle of the ‘Bronze Glow’


As you can tell by the title, I’m comparing two highlighters of the same name, from different companies. 

The first is my high end lighter from Bobbi Brown. It’s called bronze glow, but will look a bit more gold on deeper skins tones. It’s has a nice sheen to it when heavy handed and when sheered  out, it has more of a shimmery look. This will be good for a more dramatic highlight.

Then there is the beauty supple store highlight  (I paid $6.49) by Ruby Kisses in bronze glow. It’s a highly pigmented bronze highlight (more bronze as oppose to gold like the Bobbi Brown) with slight shimmer. Bronze is more prominent and could be used as a bronzer for lighter skin tones. It also has a frost finish and could be used as more subtle highlight or dramatic highlight. Only downfall is the length of wear. Even with a primer, it last a good 1-2 hours on my oily skin. 


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