Boscia: The best blotting sheets… period!!

I’m here to tell everyone about my obsession of 5 years: oil blotting sheets by Boscia!!

I actually found these by accident (thank goodness for accidents). I was looking for a cheap way to blot my oil corn silk stopped being (old school y’all lol). I tried the oil blotting sheets by clean & clear and they total break me out and later found out it was due to the cosmeogenic ingredients in them (unfortunately, most acne products have them even when they claim not too). I stumbled myself into Sephora on a whine just to browse and happened to find this near the checkout stand (is it strange that the sample products near the cashier is the 1st place I look for a deal?). They were $10, but I notice it had no cosmeogenic ingredients (I really look HARD) and bought them. Needless to say it was love since!!! 😍😍 I’ve tried various types (peppermint for holiday and now charcol) and have loved them all.

These amazing blotting sheets are available for $10 at Sephora


One comment

  1. This is actually pretty neat but I HIGHLY recommend Chambuu Facial Blotting Tissue. I personally use it since it’s organic and it’s made of Charcoal Bamboo which has high absorbent properties and it comes with 200 sheets for a cheap price.

    You can purchase it here —–>
    Use this discount code: WYMBLF6S (code works. tried it yesterday)

    Hope this helps 🙂


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