Kleancolor kajal eyeliner review

Hello everyone!! I’m back with another review. I recently went shopping at my fave dollar store (because I’m a big spender lol!) Dasio in Berkeley, which is a Japanese dollar (everything is around $1.35 or $1.50, but still relatively cheap). While there and practically buying the whole store (when things are inexpensive, I seem to want more of it) I picked these two eyeliners. I picked up a black (every makeup connoisseur/enthusiast needs a good black eyeliner) and blue.





The first one is the black kajal, which is a deep true jet black. The eyeliner was very creamy and smooth when applied and extremely opaque with one stroke. When placed on water line, and I couldn’t get the product to stay even one hour (though I do have watery eyes naturally, but can a sista get some type of staying power?). But my eyes were watering more then usual due to the irritation of the product when wearing off. I get a bit of longer wear when placed on my top lash , yet again, the product slid off due to my oily lids (and of course irritating my eyes once again). I also tried to use this product as a base over a primer (I use MAC paint pots as a primer or Lorac eyeshadow primer). I was able to get over an hour of wear (probably due to the setting with black shadow). Again, product slid of my eye and irritated (I really tried to like this). Enough said, I will be donating this to my sister.




Next is Electric Blue, which is a medium royal blue with slight blue shimmer. Like the black one, this kajal was extremely pigmented, creamy and applied smoothly. Unfortunately, this did not perform any better then the black and every time worn this product would just slid off the site of application and irritated my eyes. Such a shame since the pigmentation of these are so nice.

Have you guys tried Kleancolor products or have great inexpensive finds? Let me know


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