Empty space and yellow… Oh my!!!

The new year is here and so are new trends!!! Of course yours truly was out and about looking for the hottest trends. I know a lot of trends tend to repeat season after (classic as I would refer them too), but I’m interested in seeing not only what magazines and celebrities wear. I want to see what turned the everyday woman will wear. For starters, I found an article from Seventeen magazine (don’t judge me lol!! We all read this at some point in our teens) and found some really nice potential trends that maybe hot this year. You can find the link here.

I’ll just talk about the trends I like and that I’ll actually be wearing myself

1. Shades of yellow
Remember the Orange and orangey- coral trend that was huge in 2013? I probably bought every blush, lipstick, and clothing available because it complimented my brown warm toned skin (and they still do). I’ll probably do the same for yellow since it’s another warm color that compliments my undertone. Not sure how it can be pulled together in cosmetics (perhaps using gold?) but I’ll surely be wearing this color regardless.

2. Negative space nails

I was a bit deceived by the name a bit, but simple put this is painting one side of your nail and not the other. Depending on the placement of the color and negative space, this can be a pretty cool idea (not a fan of showing the white of the nail. It’s looks ‘undone’ to me)

3. Marsala

Pantene color of the year for 2015, Marsala is a beautiful reddish ‘wine’ color (the variations I’ve seen have been more on the gold side) and can complement all skintones. If you have a deep complexion, you more than likely have a color similar to this (as I already do. Yay!)

Any other trends your guys like for 2015? Please share


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